Emulating vinyl

Vinyl emulation can help convey emotions of nostalgia or "rawness". Making your track sound like it is being played back on a turntable can impart a subtle analog authenticity to an otherwise sterile synthesized or digital song.

On the Song mode's Efct page, set Vn.Cr/9/A1 (Vinyl Crackle) to the desired level. Use a negative value to have the vinyl crackle only play when the sequencer is playing patterns or songs. A positive value will play the vinyl crackle even when no pattern or song is playing.

You can set a noise floor through 5/Ki/noi.F and a noise characteristic/type of your choice through through 6/Sn/noi.C. For increased authenticity;

  • try to avoid high frequencies
  • create a track that has an amount of filtered white noise playing at all times; use a band pass filter to filter out very low and high frequencies until the noise sounds a little bit like the ambiance of an airliner
  • add a subtle filter LFO to add a subtle repeating change in the filtered noise every 1.8 seconds (for 33RPM) or 1.3 seconds (for 45RPM)
  • add a pitch LFO to relevant tracks to emulate a subtle warble. Set pitch LFO resyncing off if desired (so that the warble is "free running" and does not constantly restart every time a new note is triggered). Use a sine wave or triangle wave for the LFO waveform.
  • enable saturation on relevant tracks
  • use aggressive master compression

A subtle Woovebox turntable emulation, with filtered white noise and soft crackle to emulate dust

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