Synthesizer Sequencer Sampler


16 part multi-timbral / 16 tracks (1 x 4-voice polyphonic track + 15 x 4-voice paraphonic or mono tracks)*
17 versatile synthesis algorithms
17 low-aliasing oscillator models + up to 256 user samples
Virtual Analog, FM, Super Saw, AM, RingMod, x0x percussion, more
2 oscillator models per voice
1 multi-mode filter per voice (14 filter types)
2 x AEG, FEG, multiple LFOs per voice
global multi-FX; reverb, stereo chorus / phaser, 2 x stereo delay
per-voice FX; distortion, saturation, bit crushing, resampling, global multi-FX sends
per-voice dynamics; compressor/limiter, 4-bus side-chaining, gating
master compressor/limiter, vinyl and noise effects
emulates vintage digital, analog and organic sounds
extensive, complex sound design capabilities
intelligent patch randomization for infinite patch variations


16 songs x 16 tracks x 16 patterns x 16 steps
fast workflow; create new intricate song ideas in minutes
polyrhythms, generative, arpeggio and x0x-style patterns
track type-specific intelligent pattern and chain randomization
use scales, modes, chord types and inversions, w/o music theory
per-step conditionals, 100+ step modifier type, probabilities
pattern chaining, pattern muting conditions
micro-timing and swing
song mode with per-fragment transformation and automation
send sync and MIDI to control connected gear
exports songs as WAV (song, stems dry & wet)
undo functionality


62s @ 44.1kHz 8-bit mu-law (~12-bit effective) / 22.05kHz 16-bit
reconstructive interpolation up-sampling
16 user kits x 16 samples
dedicated 3.5mm line-input with optional direct mic-level sampling**
digital sample import via Bluetooth
real-time time stretching and pitch shifting
mangle, slice, chop, re-arrange samples
add new oscillators, one-shots and loops
multi-sample, single instrument support
use live input as an oscillator model
re-sample internal synthesizer
imprint voice on audio with vocoder
automatic space management and optimization
undo functionality

*polyphony restrictions may apply depending on used DSP resources
** direct mic-level sampling to be mainly used for recording voice samples and vocoder input

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