"So Good (feat. Aiva Chanel)"

This 100% Woovebox produced eurodance track was created to demonstrate;

  • Fully synthesized song, except for built-in crash cymbal sample, built-in piano hammer sample, and imported vocal samples
  • 808/909-style real-time drum synthesis (all drums and percussion, except crash cymbal)
  • Supersaw real-time synthesis (strings, arpeggios)
  • Sign Conditional real-time synthesis (grand piano, with use of built-in hammer sound sample)
  • Virtual analog real-time synthesis (bass, lead)
  • Real-time effected sample playback (raw Aiva Chanel Harmony sample pack vocals)
  • Song mode builds, breaks and automation (filter and volume)
  • Real-time multi-FX (chorus configured as phaser, reverb, delay)
  • Real-time synthesis of faller/riser effects
  • Real-time mastering (compressor/limiter) and side-chaining
  • Conditional triggering (all tracks) and polymeters (bass, arpeggios, rim shot)
  • Auto-chord inversions (strings)

Woovebox demo track: "So Good"

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