Sound demos

These eclectic sound demos were 100% created on the Woovebox micro music workstation.

All demo songs were exclusively synthesized from scratch using white noise, basic sine, triangle, pulse and saw waves, unless explicitly noted. Where vocal samples were used, they were either recorded with a $2 mic via the audio-input or imported raw straight from sample packs. All processing and slicing was performed on the device.

Output was digitally rendered to WAV via Wooveconnect and converted to MP3 in Audacity, without any further external processing or mastering.

Best appreciated with headphones 🎧 or a good speaker system with sub-woofer.

"1, 2, 3, let's go!"

This 100% Woovebox produced dark house track was created to demonstrate;

  • 100% real-time synthesized song, except of four samples ("one", "two", "three" and "let's go") recorded on-device using a $2 microphone in the line-input
  • Real-time pitch shifting and time warping of the four samples
  • On-board vocoder ("let's go").
  • Gater behavior in/near breaks
  • Notable synthesis of all drums, scratch effect, 303, analog PWM drone and house organ stabs
  • Subtle vinyl noise and crackle

.SYX available in the Resources section.

Woovebox sound demo: "1, 2, 3, let's go!"

"Good Ol' Days"

This 100% Woovebox produced nostalgic chiptune / bitpop track was created to demonstrate;

  • Real-time synthesis of the quintessential sounds of 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s home computers and game consoles - strictly no samples used for these
  • Real-time sliced/rearranged-from-source Amen break (used in games such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Metal Gear, Need for Speed, Devil May Cry, etc.)

In order of appearance; Amiga / .MOD / .STM (lo-fi gritty string pad - synthesized and bit crushed), AY-3-8910 / PSG / MSX / Atari ST / Amstrad CPC (3-voice square wave chords with decay), 2A03 / NES (4-bit stepped triangle wave), 2A03 / NES (fixed 25% duty cycle square wave), Amen break, Wii Channel (sine lead), various 70s and 80s arcade effects, C64 SID (PWM lead with slides and vibrato), OPL / SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive / Ad Lib / Sound Blaster (FM), "fake chord" hyper arpeggios, 70s and 80s Sample & Hold explosion.

.SYX available in the Resources section.

Woovebox sound demo: "Good Ol' Days"

"Sea Caves of Arcadia"

This 100% Woovebox produced lounge track was created to demonstrate;

  • Fully synthesized song, except for built-in crash cymbal
  • Synthesis of water-related timbres
  • Synthesis of wah-guitar
  • Dual delay effects with feedback effects (cave echoes)

Woovebox sound demo: "Sea Caves of Arcadia"

"Step Into My World"

This 100% Woovebox produced classic 90s melodic trance track was created to demonstrate;

  • Fully synthesized song, except for built-in crash sample, built-in piano hammer samples, and imported vocal samples
  • Classic 808/909-style real-time drum synthesis
  • Classic risers and fallers synthesis
  • Classic trance PWM lead, piano, choir pad synthesis
  • Percussion bongo/conga loop synthesis
  • Extensive song mode build-ups and automation
  • Extensive use of dynamics; per-track compression/limiting, ducking, side-chaining and master compressor/limiter
  • Use of multi-instrument mode to re-use track timbres across other tracks

Woovebox sound demo: "Step Into My World"

"Bitter Sweet Memories of You"

This 100% Woovebox produced trip hop-style demo was created to demonstrate;

  • Fully synthesized song, except for "mmm" vocal sample
  • Organic timbre synthesis (percussion, orchestral strings, guitar)
  • 808-style kick/bass
  • Hi-hat ratchets
  • Lo-fi loop synthesis (industrial machine loop) and warped leads (sine lead with deliberate dissonant overtones)
  • Advanced filtered delay effects through dual delay unit feedback ("mmm" vocal sample, which is the only sample in this track)
  • Vinyl crackle and hiss effect

Woovebox sound demo: "Bitter Sweet"

"Shelob Must Feed"

This 100% Woovebox produced Big Beat track was created to demonstrate the Woovebox' vicious, dirty side;

  • Fully synthesized song, except for built-in crash sample
  • Dirty overdriven, distorted, overcompressed audio, kicks and basses.
  • Demonic screeching effects. 🕷️

Woovebox sound demo: "Shelob Must Feed"


This short 100% Woovebox produced alternative hip hop sound demo was created to demonstrate;

  • Fully synthesized pattern/loop (except for built-in crash cymbal sample)
  • Sound synthesis for alternative hip hop percussion, loops and sounds, such as layered claps/snare and syncopated hi-hats

Woovebox sound demo: "Columbidae"

"Da What?"

This short 100% synthesized Woovebox excerpt shows how iconic sounds are effortlessly replicated on the Woovebox. Highlights include;

  • 100% real-time synthesized
  • Iconic emulated 303 sounds
  • Iconic dirty analog lead sounds
  • Master limiter for iconic punchy drums

Woovebox sound demo: "Da What?"

"Zephyrus' Pursuit"

This 100% Woovebox produced sub-tropical house track was created to demonstrate;

  • Fully synthesized song, except for imported vocal samples
  • Dual delay effects with feedback effects (vocals)
  • A song that does not use the chord track
  • Glissando conditionals

Woovebox sound demo: "Zephyrus' Pursuit"

"So Good (feat. Aiva Chanel)"

This 100% Woovebox produced eurodance track was created to demonstrate;

  • Fully synthesized song, except for built-in crash cymbal sample, built-in piano hammer sample, and imported vocal samples
  • 808/909-style real-time drum synthesis (all drums and percussion, except crash cymbal)
  • Supersaw real-time synthesis (strings, arpeggios)
  • Sign Conditional real-time synthesis (grand piano, with use of built-in hammer sound sample)
  • Virtual analog real-time synthesis (bass, lead)
  • Real-time effected sample playback (raw Aiva Chanel Harmony sample pack vocals)
  • Song mode builds, breaks and automation (filter and volume)
  • Real-time multi-FX (chorus configured as phaser, reverb, delay)
  • Real-time synthesis of faller/riser effects
  • Real-time mastering (compressor/limiter) and side-chaining
  • Conditional triggering (all tracks) and polymeters (bass, arpeggios, rim shot)
  • Auto-chord inversions (strings)

Woovebox demo track: "So Good"


This short 100% Woovebox produced 90s rave/acid Northern European hardcore sound demo was created to demonstrate;

  • 303-like and 909-like synthesis
  • Fully synthesized demo from basic waveforms, except built-in crash cymbal and vocal samples

Woovebox sound demo: "Acid"

"Take the Leap" (single pattern challenge)

This short, 100% Woovebox-produced song, was created to demonstrate;

  • A complex song using just one, 16-step pattern per track, where not one bar of music is exactly the same
  • Exclusive use of synthesized sounds, with exception of built-in crash cymbal (forward and reverse), and vocal chops
  • Heavy master compression / limiter effect for pumping rhythm
  • Extensive use of Song mode for build-ups and breaks
  • Gating of pads by another track
  • Opening up of delay, reverb and attack by linking filter's cut-off.

Woovebox sound demo: "Take the Leap" (single-pattern challenge)

Super Saw demo

This audio demo was created to demonstrate the Woovebox implementation of Super Saw oscillators.

Four identical sequences, showcase the four available Super Saw oscillator detune states (from heavy detune to subtle detune). Each sequence consists of;

  • raw supersaw output, unmodulated, unfiltered 3-note + 1 bass note chord stabs (various inversions), replicated over two octaves. Reverb, stereo chorus and delay effects are applied.
  • as above, but with a double drone note (transposed chord root)
  • as above, but with an added arpeggiated double octave super saw with an LFO subtly opening the filter, and with simple decay amplitude envelope
  • as above, but with a side-chained basic kick drum

Like the original, the Super Saw oscillators in your Woovebox consist of seven detuned saw wave oscillators, filtered by a key-following low cut filter. Though the above examples intentionally uses the same detune state for all parts, the four Super Saw oscillator types (e.g. detune states) may be mixed at will. Two Super Saw oscillator types may be used per voice. Given that the Woovebox synth architecture treats the Super Saw oscillators as basic sound sources (and not as an algorithm), they may be combined through any of the sixteen available algorithms to achieve complex patches and sound designs.

This demo features 252 simultaneous saw waves, yet utilizing under 50% DSP resources including effects and kick drum.

Woovebox Super Saw demo

Multi-sampled upright piano demo

This demo showcases the Woovebox's ability to create realistic acoustic instrument renditions using multi-samples and sound design.

In this demo, you can hear a multi-sampled public domain piano with samples from each octave, enhanced with a Super Saw wave, analog oscillator styles, and subtle pitch and phase variations. Additional effects include reverb with volume-driven ducking, white noise for resonance, and pitch-to-pan for stereo distribution. The result is a nuanced, organic sound, simulating real piano characteristics.

Woovebox sound demo: "Multi-sampled Upright Piano"

Presets for sound design demo (no talking video)

Your Woovebox is not a "tweak-a-preset" machine or ROMpler; you are highly encouraged to shape and explore your own sounds. This is a selection of these preset/template sounds that help you get your started.

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