Super Saw demo

This audio demo was created to demonstrate the Woovebox implementation of true Super Saw oscillators (with up to 14 detuned saw waves per note, and thus up to 70 saw waves per 5-note chord).

Four identical sequences, showcase the four available Super Saw oscillator detune states (from heavy detune to subtle detune). Each sequence consists of;

  • raw supersaw output, unmodulated, unfiltered 3-note + 1 bass note chord stabs (various inversions), replicated over two octaves. Reverb, stereo chorus and delay effects are applied.
  • as above, but with a double drone note (transposed chord root)
  • as above, but with an added arpeggiated double octave super saw with an LFO subtly opening the filter, and with simple decay amplitude envelope
  • as above, but with a side-chained basic kick drum

Like the original, the Super Saw oscillators in your Woovebox consist of seven detuned saw wave oscillators per oscillator slot per note (for a total of 14 saw waves per note), filtered by a key-following low cut filter. Though the above examples intentionally uses the same detune state for all parts, the four Super Saw oscillator types (e.g. detune states) may be mixed at will. Two Super Saw oscillator types may be used per voice. Given that the Woovebox synth architecture treats the Super Saw oscillators as basic sound sources (and not as an algorithm), they may be combined through any of the sixteen available algorithms to achieve complex patches and sound designs.

This demo features 252 simultaneous saw waves, yet utilizing under 50% DSP resources including effects and kick drum.

Woovebox Super Saw demo

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