"Good Ol' Days"

This 100% Woovebox produced nostalgic chiptune / bitpop track was created to demonstrate;

  • Real-time synthesis of the quintessential sounds of 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s home computers and game consoles - strictly no samples used for these
  • Real-time sliced/rearranged-from-source Amen break (used in games such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Metal Gear, Need for Speed, Devil May Cry, etc.)

In order of appearance; Amiga / .MOD / .STM (lo-fi gritty string pad - synthesized and bit crushed), AY-3-8910 / PSG / MSX / Atari ST / Amstrad CPC (3-voice square wave chords with decay), 2A03 / NES (4-bit stepped triangle wave), 2A03 / NES (fixed 25% duty cycle square wave), Amen break, Wii Channel (sine lead), various 70s and 80s arcade effects, C64 SID (PWM lead with slides and vibrato), OPL / SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive / Ad Lib / Sound Blaster (FM), "fake chord" hyper arpeggios, 70s and 80s Sample & Hold explosion.

.SYX available in the Resources section.

Woovebox sound demo: "Good Ol' Days"

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