Pocketable Connectable Playable


68g / 2.4oz / 0.15 lbs
71.6mm/2.8"(W) x 76.0mm/3"(L) x 7.9mm/0.31"(H slab) 30.8mm/1.21"(H knob)
USB-C rechargeable 1000mAh internal battery
10h+ battery life continuous play, BLE off
6.30h+ battery life continuous play, BLE on
physical on/off switch
protective case included


3.5mm stereo audio-out with sync pulse out via breakout cable (included)
3.5mm stereo audio-in for sampling*, effects and live mix of external gear
3.5mm type-A MIDI out**
USB-C port (charging-only)**
Wireless MIDI in/out over BLE***
Wooveconnect web interface****; song/sample transfer, WAV export, firmware update


live mode with 16 triggerable scenes, programmable automation and re-triggering effects
mute and unmute tracks on the fly
16 tactile micro switches for live playing and improvisation
unique dynamic key-mapping for live melody improvisation
process 2 channels of audio-in as part of your song or live performance
integrate external audio into synthesis engine
endless live sound mangling possibilities and rhythmic effects

*sampling in mono and is also mic-level capable for voice
**cable not included
***compatible with macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and - to a degree - Windows
****requires a stable BLE compatible host device, operating system and WebMIDI enabled browser (e.g. not compatible with Safari/iOS)

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