Randomizing a pattern chain

Randomizing a pattern chain (as of firmware 2682) is a quick way to populate multiple patterns with a notes in a loosely connected way.

To access this option, first create a pattern chain of two or more patterns (see creating a pattern chain documentation). If the current selected pattern belongs to a chain, a "rand pt.ch" (in addition to the standard "rand pttn") option becomes available in the Seq page's context menu. Upon actioning it, the current pattern and all patterns chained to it are randomized.

For specifics on how patterns are randomized based on their track behavior ("bEhv" 7/hh on the GLob page). Note that for bass and lead tracks, the randomized riff will loosely follow through the entire chain. Therefore randomizing entire chains at once will yield somewhat more coherent results than randomizing one pattern at a time.

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