Randomizing a pattern

Randomizing a pattern allows you to quickly generate and shape ideas.

You can access the "rand pttn" option from the Seq page's context menu.

As of firmware 2682, patterns are more intelligently crafted to serve as material for the specific type of track you are invoking the feature on, based on it designated behavior ("bEhv"/7/hh on a track's GLob page).

For example, if you use the feature on a track with lead behavior, the feature will generate patterns more useful for crafting melodies with. If you use the feature on a bass track, it may introduce slides. If you use the feature on a kick track it may introduce conditionals, etc.

For lead tracks, try changing the various "follow chord" options (either globally 4/Ar on the Glob page) or per-pattern (9/A1 on the Pttn page). For developing a quick motif, also consider having two or four (or if you feel adventurous; three) chained lead track patterns that follow a four or eight chord progression.

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