Live Mode

Mute/unmute tracks in Live scene or programmed scene 1-16

Hold write and press 1-16
Switch between Live scene or programming scene 1-16
Hold value and press 15/Live

Use Live scene (mutes/unmutes/solos) in Sequencer / Track Edit mode

Hold value and long press 1/Cd-16/A8 to use mutes/unmutes/solos in track 1/Cd-16/A8

Select track to improvise and play melodies on

Hold play for 2 seconds until screen reads "Slct trak"
Still holding play, select the track 1/Cd-16/A8 you wish to improvise or play melodies on

Switch to scene immediately

Hold play and short-press 1-16 to switch to scene 1-16 immediately

Switch to scene when ready playing (schedule scene change)

Hold play and long-press 1-16 to select scene 1-16
The next scene will be scheduled for when the current scene length has elapsed

Edit track Cd-A8 behavior, pattern #, chord lock, retriggering fx for scene

Hold 1/Cd-16/A8 until blinking
Cycle through parameters by pressing value
Turn value to change parameter

Edit multiple tracks at once for scene

Hold first track 1/Cd-16/A8 until blinking
While still holding track 1/Cd-16/A8, hold write
Still holding write, let go of track 1/Cd-16/A8
Still holding write, now select other tracks 1/Cd-16/A8
Cycle through parameters by pressing value
Turn value to change parameter for all selected tracks at once

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