WIDI Bud Pro universal solution

A small USB dongle
The WIDI Bud Pro is a rock-solid universal solution to add a stable MIDI over BLE connection to your system

By far the easiest and most stable solution, is to use a WIDI Bud Pro USB adapter that was specifically designed to provide a rock-solid MIDI over BLE connection for musicians and performers.

The WIDI Bud Pro exposes itself as a regular MIDI adapter, while handling the MIDI over BLE connect itself, bypassing the OS entirely.

Using the WIDI Bud Pro with your Woovebox is as easy as plugging in the WIDI Bud Pro into an available USB port, turning on your Woovebox holding (1/Cd) to enable Bluetooth, and launching Wooveconnect on a compatible browser.

Please note that only the latest CME WIDI firmwares (June 2023 onwards) support the large SysEx message transfers required. Please update your WIDI Bud Pro when you receive it.

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