3. ScaL song scale, tonality or mode

Song scale, tonality or mode. The following scales, tonalities and modes are available;

  • "MAJ" Major ("Happy")
  • "nMin" Natural minor
  • "hMin" Harmonic minor ("Latin", "Spanish", "Arabic")
  • "MMin" Melodic minor (Jazz, Film scoring)
  • "MAPE" Major pentatonic
  • "MiPE" Minor pentatonic
  • "hirA" Hirajoshi
  • "MiyA" In scale / Miyako-bushi
  • "inSE" Insen
  • "iwAto" Iwato
  • "yo" Yo
  • "dori" Dorian
  • "Phry" Phrygian
  • "Mi][" Mixolidyan
  • "Locr" Locrian
  • "FLAM" Flamenco
  • "GyPS" Gypsy
  • "hFdM" Half diminished
  • "PErS" Persian
  • "UkrA" Ukrainian

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