Restoring sample kits

There are two ways in which sample kit .SYX files can be restored to your Woovebox.

  1. Automatic kit number (US01-US16) assignment
  2. Manual kit number (US01-US16) assignment

In both cases, simply dragging and dropping the .SYX file into the Wooveconnect window/page will start the transfer.

In both cases, please note that this will overwrite any previous sample kit in the selected kit number.

Automatic kit number assignment

If sampler nor resampler mode is active (for example, Song mode, Live mode or Track edit mode is active), then the sample kit will be restored to the sample kit number (US01-US16) it was occupying at the time when it was backed up.

Manual kit number assignment

If the sampler or resampler is active (hold value and short press 14/A6/Sampler to activate sampler or resampler), the kit is restored into the currently selected (hold play and press 1-16 to select kit US01-US16) sample kit.

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