Toggling tracks on and off

To toggle tracks on and off, hold write and press 1/Cd-16/A8 to toggle on or off tracks. Hitting play, you should hear the tracks being played back. You can toggle on and off tracks like this during your performance.

TIP: You can carry over your configuration of muted and unmuted tracks into track/pattern edit mode, by holding the value knob and holding the track 1/Cd-16/A8 you wish to edit. In other words, this feature allows you to solo and mute tracks at will while working on your patterns and tracks.

You can play along in real-time with the tracks by playing key 1-16. The track that will be sounded when you play key 1-16, is indicated on the lower display. To change which track is sounded when you hit a key, hold play until "Slct Trak" ("select track"), then while still holding play, select track 1/Cd-16/A8 to switch to that track. The new track should now be indicated in the lower display.

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