Gating is turning on or off one sound source completely, in response to another signal. It is particularly useful for giving an otherwise mundane sound a dramatic rythmic effect.

A famous classic example is the trance gate as used by System F in Out Of The Blue (the strings pattern that plays at 1:09., is played gated starting at 1:37).

Your Woovebox is able to gate external sound sources as well, allowing you to turn external sounds and drones into exciting rhythmically pulsating tracks. With your Woovebox in control of the gate rythm, you can then make these external sound sources part of your live performance. A great example would be another band member playing guitar chords that fit the key of your song. Or you could, for example, use a YouTube performance by a channel like fretr's.

Gating off

Strings without gating at all

Gating by a dedicated gate track

Gating of strings by dedicated gating track

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