Using a sample kit

You trigger all sixteen slices in a kit individually on each track except the Chord ('Cd') track.

On any of the 2/bS-16/A8 tracks, on the track globals ('GLob') page, set the 7/'bEhv'/'trak bEhv' ("track behavior") parameter to 'SMPK' ("sample kit").

Next, on the track's patch page ('Pach'/last page), invoke the context menu to select 'Init Pach', e.g;

  • Hold write and short-press (a quick press no longer than one second) the value knob to cycle through the options until you find the 'Init Pach' menu item.
  • Once found, long-press (a long press, longer than three seconds) the Value knob to action the item. The patch will be initialized to a default patch that suits the track's behavior and sound category. In this case, your Woovebox will report 'Init SmpK' .
  • Release write to exit the context menu.

On firmware before 2817, initializing a track like this will select the factory sample kit (FS01) by default for oscillator 1's wave type. Change 1/'WavE'/'WavE tyPE' on the Osc1 page, to select kits (FS01 through to US16). On firmware 2817+, the wave type for Osc1 will be set to whichever user sample kit you visited last in the Sampler.

Setting the track behavior (7/'bEhv'/'trak bEhv') to SMPK ("sample kit"), changes a track's behavior in two ways;

  • Whenever you press a key to audition a sound, it will play slices 1-16 of the selected kit, rather than play a note chromatically; a little bit like the venerable AKAI MPC samplers work. You can change a programmed/recorded step's pitch through step editing. By default the slice is played back at the default pitch (the default pitch of a sample slice can be edited in the sampler mode 'Pich' parameter).
  • When editing a step, you can now edit a new 'Slic' parameter, which selects the slice 1-16 that should be played at that step.

With the above behavior, it should be clear this allows you to play up to 16 different sounds on the same track, at any desired pitch.

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