Using a single sample

You can use any kit's slice 1-16 chromatically. In other words, you can use any kit's slice as a custom oscillator wave type.

On any of the 2/bS-16/A8 tracks, on the track globals ('GLob') page, set the 7/'bEhv'/'trak bEhv' ("track behavior") parameter to 'SMPL' ("sample").

Next, on the track's patch page ('Pach'/last page), invoke the context menu to select 'Init Pach', e.g;

  • Hold write and short-press (a quick press no longer than one second) the value knob to cycle through the options until you find the 'Init Pach' menu item.
  • Once found, long-press (a long press, longer than three seconds) the Value knob to action the item. The patch will be initialized to a default patch that suits the track's behavior and sound category. In this case, your Woovebox will report 'Init SmpL' .
  • Release write to exit the context menu.

On firmware before 2817, initializing a track like this will select the factory sample kit (FS01) by default for oscillator 1's wave type. Change 1/'WavE'/'WavE tyPE' on the Osc1 page, to select kits (FS01 through to US16). On firmware 2817+, the wave type for Osc1 will be set to whichever user sample kit you visited last in the Sampler.

By default slice 1 from the kit is selected. The 1-16 slice that should be used from the kit, can be chosen using the 15/'SlSl/'Slce Slct' ("slice select") parameter on the Osc pages. Scroll this parameter until you find the 'Sl 1' through 'Sl16' settings to select slice 1 through 16.

With the above behavior, it should be clear that this allows you to use any slice from any kit as a custom oscillator wave type, allowing for up to 256 custom oscillators.

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