Select and initialize a song

Woovebox interface showing selection of song 2.
Select a different song to work on by holding Play and pressing 1-12.

If you wish to select a different song to work on, you can do so by holding play and pressing 1-16 to select song 1 through 16.

If you wish to start over with the currently selected song by resetting and clearing it, you can do so through the context menu;

  • Hold write and short-press (a quick press no longer than one second) the value knob to cycle through the options until you find the "InIt SonG" menu item.
  • Once found, long-press (a long press, longer than three seconds) the Value knob to action the item. The song will be cleared and your Woovebox will report "InIt oK".
  • Release write to exit the context menu.
  • All patterns are cleared, and tracks are initialized with random (but appropriate) presets to get you started quickly.

Note that these context menus are available in a number of different places around the Woovebox UI, and they all work in the same way.

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