Hold the Value knob and short-press 14/A6/Sampler button to access the sampler. If needed, repeat this until you are in vocoder ("VCdr") mode.

A vocoder works by splitting the input signal into frequency bands, extracting the amplitude envelope from each band, and applying it to a corresponding carrier signal to produce a synthesized output. This allows for the modulation of one sound source (usually a synthesized note) by the characteristics of another (typically vocals), resulting in the distinctive robotic or synthesized voice effect.

Using vocoder mode is identical to using the resampler, except that incoming audio (modulator) is used to modulate the resampler audio (carrier). In other words, whatever you say (or play) into the audio input is "imprinted" on the synthesized note being played.

Carrier signals with a lot of harmonic content work best, such as saw waves, strings and chords.

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