Sampling sounds from the audio input

Hold the value knob and short-press 14/A6/Sampler button to access the sampler. If needed, repeat this until you are in sampler ("SMPL") mode and not, for example, in resampler mode ("rSMP").

Select the kit you wish to edit or record samples to by holding play and pressing 1-16 to select kit 1-16.

Connect an audio source to the audio input of your Woovebox.

If desired, press the play button to monitor the input. Press play once more to turn off monitoring.

To record a sample, hold write and press 1-16 where you wish to record the sample to. Hold 1-16 for as long as you wish to record.

If you wish to play your sample chromatically (e.g. non just for percussion or one-shot purposes), samples should ideally be recorded as an A-note. In other words, if you wish to sample another instrument, have it play an A. However, if the material is pitched differently by a number of semitones, you can adjust the root note.

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