Expanding your Woovebox with Amiga Soundtracker samples

Commodore Amiga 500
Commodore Amiga 500 (photo by mingo57 on flickr)

The Commodore Amiga has had an enormous influence on electronic music.

Any WAV files from this archive of sample packs can be imported into your Woovebox' User sample Kits via Wooveconnect. These sounds add some instant retro EDM flavor to your tracks.

Be sure to change the pitch up four semitones for each sample you import, as the samples are not recorded at A4. To do this in one go in the sampler for all slices;

  • hold the first slice 1-16 you wish to change until it blinks
  • now hold the Write button
  • let go of the slice 1-16 button
  • now select all slices 1-16 you want to additionally change the pitch for
  • press the Value button to switch the attribute you are editing to "Ptch"
  • use the Value knob to change the pitch to 4
  • let go of the Write button

All slices you selected will now be set to play four semitones higher, matching the pitch the samples were recorded at.

If you wish to make your Woovebox sound like an Amiga, force the Spectrum Quality (5/'Qlty'/'Spct Qlty' on a track's 'GLob' page) for your track to 25% resolution. This emulates the fixed low pass filter that was in place on the Amiga's Paula sound chip.

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