Auto-space reclaimer

Slices also inform your Woovebox about what part of the master sample should be retained; if part of a master sample is not used in any of the slices, it is automatically deleted to free up sample memory once you exit Sampler mode or if you switch between sampler modes (e.g switching from sampler to the resampler or vocoder, etc.).

Therefore, if you wish to retain any part of the master sample it must be part of a slice. An easy way of ensuring the entire master sample is retained, is to create a slice that starts at 0% and ends at 100% length, therefore encompassing the entire master sample.

This mechanism also allows for an implicit slice delete function; to delete a slice bring the 'St.C' ('Start Coarse') point and 'En.C' ('End Coarse') together until you have effectively a 0-length slice (indicated by '=dLtE'). The slice will now disappear. Again, note that this does not necessarily mean that space is freed up, as some other slice in your kit may be still be using that part of the sample.

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