The following limitations currently apply to the Woovebox sampler;

  • Recordings may be any length, however individual sample slices may not be longer than 11.8 seconds.
  • Total sample duration used up by all kits may not be larger than 62.4 seconds.
  • Samples recorded through the line-in input are sampled at 44.1kHz with 8-bit with mulaw compression (~12-bit effective dynamic range). Samples with low harmonic content (e.g. sine waves, synthesized kicks) may exhibit quantization noise due the the dynamic range compression. If this is an issue, consider importing your sample through Wooveconnect.
  • Resampled internal sounds are recorded at 22.05kHz 16-bit uncompressed resolution.
  • Wooveconnect-imported samples are analysed for their harmonic content, upon which the least lossy encoding scheme is chosen (44.1kHz 8-bit mulaw or 22.05kHz 16-bit).

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