Multi-sampled instruments

The Woovebox sampler supports multi-sampled instruments.

Multi-sampled instruments avoid the "smurf" effect (e.g. samples sounding "unnatural" at higher or lower pitches than what they were recorded at) by sampling an instrument at different pitches. By your Woovebox intelligently switching between the different samples according to the closest pitch, the resulting instrument will sound a lot more natural when played back in your song.

When further augmented with synthesis, dynamics and subtle randomness, realistic and organic renditions of accoustic instruments can be achieved.

Creating a multi-sampled instrument

A multi-sampled instrument can have up to 16 samples, and will take up one sample kit. To create a multi-sampled instrument;

  • Switch to the kit US01-US16 that you wish to use for your multi-sampled instrument.
  • Import or sample the different samples that were recorded at different pitches.
  • Edit the start and end point of the samples as necessary
  • For each sample, modify the Pich parameter until auditioning the slice will play the sample at 440Hz or its multiples like 110Hz or 880Hz etc. (e.g. an "A" on the keyboard). Do this for all samples until playing all samples sounds like they are playing at the exact same "A" pitch.

Refer to "using multi-sampled instruments in your song" for instructions on how to set up a patch that uses your new multi-sampled instrument.

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