Your Woovebox can auto-slice a bigger slice into smaller slices for you.

To auto-slice a bigger slice into smaller slices, first press 1-16 corresponding to select the slice you wish to auto-slice. The selected slice will slow-blink, indicating it is selected.

Via the context menu in the Sampler, your Woovebox offers three different ways of auto-slicing a sample;

  • 'AutoSl15'; retains the entire sample in slice 1, and creates fifteen slices based on transients it detects for slice 2-16. This mode is useful for separating sounds that are not necessarily rhythmic in nature (such as words in a sentence).
  • 'AutoSl16'; Creates sixteen slices of equal duration. This mode is useful for chopping up a pre-made drumloop into fragments that start and stop on a individual beats.
  • 'AuStSl16'; Creates sixteen slices that start at different beats, but play through to the end of the sample. This mode is useful for chopping up pre-made drumloops for re-triggering (such as the Amen break for Jungle).

When using auto-slice, please note that any previous slices in your kit will be deleted.

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