Your Woovebox can auto-slice a master sample for you in different ways.

Via the context menu in the Sampler, your Woovebox offers three different ways of auto-slicing a sample;

  • 'AutoSl15'; retains the entire sample in slice 1, and creates fifteen slices based on transients it detects for slice 2-16. This mode is useful for separating sounds that are not necessarily rhythmic in nature (such as words in a sentence).
  • 'AutoSl16'; Creates sixteen slices of equal duration. This mode is useful for chopping up a pre-made drumloop into fragments that start and stop on a individual beats.
  • 'AuStSl16'; Creates sixteen slices that start at different beats, but play through to the end of the sample. This mode is useful for chopping up pre-made drumloops for re-triggering (such as the Amen break for Jungle).

Note that slicing pre-made drumloops and using the 'FXLn'/"fixed length" (auto pitch) play modes for slices in the kit, assumes that drumloops are one bar (16 steps) in length. If not the case, then manual detuning of the oscillator playing the drumloop will be needed to make sure the samples are played at the correct speed. For example if a drumloop is four bars long, then a Coarse Detune of exactly two octaves down is needed for the playing oscillator.

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