Battery and charging

Your Woovebox' battery should last 10h or more on a single charge, when performing continuous playback. This is reduced to 5h or more with Bluetooth on. Some actions may further influence battery life, such as regular saving.

An estimate of the battery level is displayed every time your Woovebox saves your song. Please note that the battery percentage remaining is only a rough estimate, and is rounded to the nearest 5% or 10%.

If the battery level is too low, the device will indicate "BATTCRIT" and "NO SAVE" and will refuse to save until it is put on charge. This is to prevent data corruption, as writing to flash memory may draw a lot of power and may fail if not enough power is available.

If the device has been put on charge via the USB-C port, the display will indicate "USB" instead of a battery percentage.


Charging your Woovebox is done by connecting a USB power source to the USB-C receptacle on the left hand side. For earlier Woovebox revisions and beta units, only USB-A power sources are detected. Later revisions will also detect USB-C power sources.

Charging the device from empty to 100% may take up to 4 hours. You can safely use your Woovebox while it is charging (please note any ground loop due to poor isolation may impact audio; see also hardware quirks and limitations).

An LED in between the value knob and the screen will illuminate while your Woovebox is charging. It will extinguish once it has completed charging.

The battery in your Woovebox is rated for at least 500 empty-to-full cycles with minimal capacity degradation (>80% capacity).

Important battery safety notes

  • Never leave your Woovebox in a hot car.
  • Never pierce your Woovebox with a sharp object or spike.
  • Do not dispose of your Woovebox by throwing it with household rubbish or by crushing it.
  • Your Woovebox includes "load sharing" circuitry to safely use and charge the device at the same time.
  • Your Woovebox includes multiple safety measures to prevent the battery from over-charging, over-discharging, over-voltage and short circuiting.

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