Looking after your Woovebox

We would all like to reduce electronic waste as much as possible, so here are some important guidelines to keep your Woovebox in tip-top shape;

  • Don't store or carry your Woovebox unprotected, particularly along with sharp objects (such as keys) that may scratch your Woovebox or may knock off some of the tiny components (such as the LEDs)
  • Don't leave your Woovebox exposed to direct sun light.
  • Don't leave your Woovebox in a hot car
  • Don't use solvents or oil/petroleum based cleaners or conditioners to clean your device's exterior
  • Don't use any sharp tools or any abrasives on your Woovebox
  • Don't connect heavy adapters to the 3.5mm jack plugs or put strain on the 3.5mm jack plugs
  • Don't operate your Woovebox with wet or greasy hands

Cleaning and restoring the enclosure

Woovebox enclosures and screen surrounds are SLA 3D printed using a resin that has a deep black appearance. Part of achieving this black appearance is treatment with a mineral oil. If your Woovebox enclosure - for whatever reason - loses its sheen and starts to exhibit dull grey patches, you can restore it by spraying a little bit of WD40 (or a similar "Water Dispersant" clone-product) on a micro fibre cloth and rubbing it into the enclosure and screen surround as needed.

Please avoid any other parts of your Woovebox, and do not spray WD40 on your Woovebox directly, as it acts as a solvent and may damage other parts (particularly the black paint on the LED screen itself).

Please follow the directions on the can, and use it in well-ventilated environment only.

Storing your Woovebox

Store your Woovebox in its protective case when it is not in use. Leave the included satchel of silica gel desiccant in the case to absorb any moisture. To prolong the shelf-life of the desiccant, keep your protective case zipped up whether or not your Woovebox is inside.

Cleaning the 1-16 keys

Normal usage in dry environments with clean hands, should not require servicing of the switches, and the switches are rated for 500K+ key presses each.

However, if oils or accidental moisture have penetrated the 1-16 switches preventing them from operating reliably, the switches can be cleaned and serviced like so;

  • Procure fresh 99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol (do not use any significantly lower grade or old stock) and some cotton swabs/buds (aka "Q-Tips").
  • Using the cotton swabs/buds, drip one or two drops of isopropyl alcohol onto the round black button and let it seep into the switch. Do not use large amounts.
  • Lightly press the button while wiggling it.
  • You may perform this procedure with the device turned on to observe triggering behavior.
  • Some multi-triggering may occur until the alcohol has evaporated completely.
  • Let the alcohol evaporate completely (this may take up to 24 hours).
  • Repeat as necessary until the keys work reliably.
  • Be patient and careful.

Do not use Isopropyl Alcohol any other parts of your Woovebox.

Please note that some harmless cosmetic "dulling" of the metal around the micro switches may occur with use over time. This is considered normal and does not require cleaning.

As a last resort, it is also possible to service the internals of the switches with some basic tools (and without soldering), however special care and precision is required. If this is ever required, please contact us for a guide.

Replacing the battery

Your Woovebox was designed to put minimal stress on the chosen battery chemistry, and as such the rechargeable battery should last the lifetime of the device with minimal capacity degradation.

If however the battery, for whatever reason, requires replacing, and you are a skilled person (e.g. technician), please contact us to walk you through the proper procedure, as opening up your Woovebox (and reassembling it) requires a special care due to the compactness and tight tolerances of the device. Irreparable damage to components is likely if the procedure is not observed.

Once safely opened and disconnected, the battery itself is relatively easy and cheap to replace. You will find information on the battery type, model and connector type for your specific Woovebox hardware version under the battery itself on the PCB.

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