Presets and Patch page

Your Woovebox comes with a number of presets in various sound categories.

You can find and adopt presets on the patch ('Pach') page of a track. Hold any of the 1-15 keys with a lit-up LED to switch to the preset under that key. Hold key 16 to revert back to the patch you had when you entered the patch ('Pach') page.

What presets are available on the patch ('Pach') page of a track, is dependent on the sound category chosen. You can set a track's sound category via the 'Snd '/6 'Snd Catg' (sound category) parameter on a track's 'GLob' page. There are 10 preset sound categories. These categories are;

  • 'Bass'; bass sounds such as 303s and electric basses
  • 'Lead'; lead sounds such as lead synths, pianos and bells
  • 'Arpg'; short sounds suitable for an arpeggio track
  • 'Chrd'; sounds suitable for the chord ('Cd') track such as pads and strings
  • 'Kick'; various kicks
  • 'Snre'; various snares
  • 'HiHt'; various open and closed hi-hat sounds
  • 'Perc'; various general percussive elements
  • 'Para'; paraphonic sounds
  • 'Efct'; effects such as risers and fallers

Parameter and settings retention between presets

The following parameters and settings are kept in between switching presets;

  • master volume
  • sound category
  • transpose
  • follow chord
  • MIDI channel
  • all sidechain and compressor settings (e.g. everything on the 'dyna'/dynamics page)
  • swing
  • chord bass note transpose (in case of a chord preset)
  • chord stereo width (in case of a chord preset)

All other parameters (including FX sends) will be modified when loading the new preset.

Context menu

The context menu on the Patch ('Pach') page has the following options;

  • 'Init Pach' (initialize patch) initializes the current patch with more 'vanilla' settings and defaults for easier sound design.
  • 'duMP Pach' (dump patch) dumps the current patch as SYSEX to any connected MIDI devices and/or Wooveconnect (see also patch backup).
  • 'CoPy Pach' (copy patch) copies the current patch into the persistent patch buffer. The patch buffer stays intact when switching tracks, pages, or modes.
  • 'PStE Pach' (paste patch) pastes the patch in the patch buffer into the the current track.

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