Live pattern recording

If you prefer to record your patterns by live playing, you can do so in two ways.

  • "dub" (hold write + short press play) keeps steps that were already recorded.
  • "rEc" (hold write + long press play) deletes steps that were already recorded as soon as the play head reaches them, but only after you have recorded your first step

The "dub" mode is useful for adding more notes to a pattern or pattern chain.

The "rEc" mode is useful for re-doing parts of a pattern or pattern chain, erasing the previous take (or part of a take).

Any played steps are auto-quantized to the nearest step, meaning that if you were early or late, the recorded note will be pulled forward or backward to the nearest step respectively.

By chaining up to 16 patterns, you can record up to 256 steps at once.

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