Connecting other gear

Despite is tiny size, your Woovebox can control your other gear's playback and audio via audio in, physical MIDI out, sync out and MIDI over Bluetooth LE.

It can effectively function as the "brain" of a larger setup.

MIDI out channel

Your Woovebox can send MIDI note and velocity data to its physical and Bluetooth MIDI out port. As of firmware 2817, your Woovebox further transmits volume, pan, filter cut-off and filter resonance.

(firmware 2465+) On a track's 'GLob' page, use the 'MIdI' setting under the 8/Pc key to specify which channel (1-16) the track should send its data to.

(firmware 2817+) By selecting from the sixteen alternative channels (indicated by a "." at the end), filter cut-off and filter resonance can be sent as NRPN messages instead of standard (CC 71 and CC 74) controller message. This is useful for gear that responds to XG/GS-compatible NRPN (CC 98, CC98, CC 6 sequence) messages rather than standard MIDI CC messages.

As of firmware 2817+ your Woovebox transmits the following controller messages;

  • MIDI CC 0, Bank Select (MSB), part of patch change
  • MIDI CC 7, Volume, sends a track's volume including fragment/scene automation
  • MIDI CC 10, Pan, sends a track's panning information including everything that affects pan position on a track's 'Pan ' page
  • MIDI CC 32, Bank Select (LSB), part of patch change
  • MIDI CC 71, Filter resonance, sends a track's filter resonance (not sent if using XG/GS NRPN mode instead)
  • MIDI CC 74, Filter cut-off, sends a track's filter cut-off including fragment/scene automation (not sent if using XG/GS NRPN mode instead)

MIDI Patch Changes

As of firmware 2817, your Woovebox can send MIDI patch changes (including LSB and MSB bank selection) on a per pattern basis.

To select the MIDI patch number, set "Md.Pc"/"MIdI Pach" under 14/A6 on the Pttn page for each pattern. Please note that the patch number is 1-based and 0 is 'off' (no patch change for this pattern).

If your external device requires a bank select message, you can use "Md.bM"/15/A7 and "Md.bL"/16/A8 for bank MSB and LSB respectively.

Analog sync

Even today, analog sync pulses are a popular way to start, stop and synchronize playback of other gear. Your Woovebox can output an analog sync pulse via the included breakout cable that connects to the headphone output jack.

To enable the sync pulse, switch to Song mode. scroll to the 'GLob' page, and change the 'Sync' parameter under the 13/A5 key to 'on'.

Note that enabling 'Sync' without using the breakout cable, may cause a faint clicking noise. Therefore, keep this setting at 'off' if the breakout cable is not in use.

MIDI sync

Your Woovebox outputs sync, start and stop data via its physical MIDI out and MIDI over BLE capability.

Your Woovebox also responds to MIDI start and stop commands sent to it via MIDI over BLE.


Your Woovebox can incorporate up to two incoming audio sources into the synthesizer's signal path; on any tracks' Osc1 or Osc2 page, simply select 'In1 ', 'In 2' or 'In12' for the for 'WavE' (WavE typE) under the 1/Cd key;

  • 'In1 'uses audio from the incoming audio's left channel as if it were an oscillator source
  • 'In 2' uses audio from the incoming audio's right channel as if it were an oscillator source
  • 'In12' use audio from the both the audio's left and right channels mixed down into mono, as if it were an oscillator source

This is a very powerful way of incoporating external audio into your Woovebox' final output; it allows for sound-designing with external audio as well as effecting external audio or even have external audio effect internally synthesized audio (for example through the dynamics/'dyna' section).

Note, however, that this also means that you will not hear incoming audio until you play a note that uses the 'In1, 'In 2' or 'In12' oscillators.

Turning off Wooveconnect CC messages

To prevent your Woovebox from sending Wooveconnect-related MIDI CC messages to your external gear, turn off Wooveconnect device mirroring; find the "Mirr dvcE" context menu option in Song mode's 'GLob' page and action it.

As of firmware 2817, device mirroring is off by default, if the device was not booted up with Bluetooth enabled.

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