Risers, fallers, sweeps & ear candy

As opposed to many other grooveboxes, your Woovebox has enough tracks and voices to add that little bit of extra polish to your songs through risers, fallers, sweeps and just general "ear candy".

Risers and fallers

Risers and fallers are sound effects used in music production to create a sense of tension or release. Risers are sounds that gradually increase in volume and pitch, often used to build up to a climax in a song. Fallers are the opposite, sounds that gradually decrease in volume and pitch, often used to create a sense of resolution or release. These effects are commonly used in electronic dance music (EDM) and are often created using synthesized sounds such as white noise or sweeping filters.

Your Woovebox comes with a number of riser and faller presets, but you can, of course, sound-design your own.

Ear candy

"Ear candy" is a term used to describe elements in a music production that are added to enhance the overall sound or to make it more interesting and pleasing to the ear. These elements can include various sound effects, or melodic or harmonic embellishments, such as countermelodies or chord extensions. The idea is that these elements add an extra layer of interest to the music, making it more engaging and enjoyable to listen to.

Your Woovebox has a number of features that can help sound-design various types of ear candy. For example, the pitch LFO can be made to quantize its pitch to note frequencies of the currently playing chord, the currently chosen musical scale, or just the western scale.


This excerpt from Omnivore's "Zephyrus' Pursuit" (one of a number of 100% Woovebox-produced tracks) demonstrates;

  • a faller (the low, down-pitching sound) at a break-down
  • ear candy (the "whimsical" glistening bell embellishments) supporting the vocal sample
  • a riser (white noise with a gradually opening filter) introducing a new part of the song

An example of a faller, ear candy and a riser in Omnivore's "Zephyrus' Pursuit".

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