Boot up

Woovebox interface showing the device after booring up.
After booting up, you will be dropped into Song mode.

Turn on your Woovebox without touching the write or play touch buttons (as their sensitivity is calibrated during power-on). Waking up the device takes up approximately two seconds. If you performed a firmware update, or if you performed a factory reset, this may take up to 2 minutes.

Once your Woovebox has booted up, you will be dropped into Song ("SG") mode in song 01. The chord (Cd) track will play a note, to let you know boot up has completed and to give you an audible identifier of the song that is loaded (as you may recognize the timbre of the instrument).

Note that you can return to Song mode at any time, by holding the value button down and then short-pressing (meaning, holding down for less than one second) 16/A8/SONG.

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