Configuring DSP load info

The DSP load info and warnings are customizable to help troubleshoot DSP saturation scenarios.

By default your Woovebox will let you know when you are about to run out of DSP resources through increasingly brightening the screen and LEDs as if it is "heating up". However, this behavior can be customized using the context menu (Hold write, short press value repeatedly to cycle through options) in Song mode's Global page and selecting "dSP InFo".

Your Woovebox provides three options for showing you its real-time DSP load;

  • 'HEAt LEv2'; this default setting will only subtly brighten the screen in more severe overloading conditions that are on the verge of being audible.
  • 'HEAt ALL'; this default setting will give a more granular view of when the DSP is increasingly being taxed. A brightening of the screen and LEDs will indicate a temporary (few millisecond) quality drop was necessary to maintain audio throughput. A higher level of brightening indicates that the overloading persisted and that further measures were taken to reduce DSP load, most typically still inaudible. The brightest level indicates a severe overloading condition, and last-ditch efforts (sometimes audible) are being made to keep the audio stream intact in order to prevent crackling and popping artifacts.
  • 'Pct USgE'; this setting will show DSP load as a percentage of total capacity during playback.
  • 'SpecQual'; this setting will show the amount of voices currently playing at reduced spectral resolution. The number underneath 50 shows the percentage of playing voices that were assigned 50% spectral resolution, while the number underneath 25 shows the percentage of playing voices that were assigned 25% spectral resolution. 'AL' means "all" (e.g. 100%). Voices playing at lower spectral resolution are less taxing on DSP resources.

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