MIDI out

Your Woovebox can send MIDI data to its physical and BLE MIDI out port on a per-channel basis. All MIDI channels behave like monophonic instruments, accepting only one note at a time ("Omni Off/Mono").

In addition to note and velocity, as of firmware 2817, your Woovebox also transmits volume, pan, filter cut-off and filter resonance data. Note off events are sent as "velocity 0" note on events.

(firmware 2465+) On a track's 'GLob' page, use the 'MIdI' setting under the 8/Pc key to specify which channel (1-16) the track should send its data to.

(firmware 2817+) By selecting from the sixteen alternative channels (indicated by a "." at the end), filter cut-off and filter resonance can be sent as NRPN messages instead of standard (CC 71 and CC 74) controller message. This is useful for gear that responds to XG/GS-compatible NRPN (CC 98, CC98, CC 6 sequence) messages rather than standard MIDI CC messages.

As of firmware 2817+ your Woovebox transmits the following controller messages;

  • MIDI CC 0, Bank Select (MSB), part of patch change
  • MIDI CC 7, Volume, sends a track's volume including fragment/scene automation
  • MIDI CC 10, Pan, sends a track's panning information including everything that affects pan position on a track's 'Pan ' page
  • MIDI CC 32, Bank Select (LSB), part of patch change
  • MIDI CC 71, Filter resonance, sends a track's filter resonance (not sent if using XG/GS NRPN mode instead)
  • MIDI CC 74, Filter cut-off, sends a track's filter cut-off including fragment/scene automation (not sent if using XG/GS NRPN mode instead)

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