Each track has a number of pages (use the value knob to scroll through these pages) where different aspects are configured;

  • 'Seq' (Sequencer); sequencing/editing of notes/steps across sixteen patterns (hold play + press 1-16 to switch pattern).
  • 'Pttn' (Pattern); pattern-specific settings such as length, playback speed and chaining.
  • 'GLob' (Global); global settings for the track, such as volume, FX sends, synthesis algorithm, and transpose options.
  • 'Osc1'/'Osc2' (Oscillator 1 and 2); settings for oscillator 1 and 2.
  • 'AMPL' (Amplitude); amplitude-related settings for oscillator 1 and 2, such as ADSR timings/levels and amplitude LFOs.
  • 'FLtr' (Filter); filter-related settings such as filter selection, cut-off frequency, resonance, ADSR timings/levels and filter frequency LFO.
  • 'Pich' (Pitch); pitch-related settings such as pitch quantization, portamento/glide, and pitch LFOs.
  • 'Pan' (Panning); panning-related settings such as left/right balance, auto panning, auto start position, and pitch-to-stereo spread.
  • 'dyna' (Dynamics); dynamics-related settings such as compressor/limiter, gating and side-chaining.
  • 'Pach' (Patch); patch management-related functionality such as selection of presets, copying and dumping of patches (via context menu).

Note that different context menu options may be available depending on the page.

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