Scenes are pre-programmed track configurations that play out over a specified time. By triggering them (either immediately, or by scheduling them in the future), you build up tracks during your live performance.

To access scene programming mode, hold the value knob and short-press 15/A7/Live once or twice, until the first two characters of screen read "Sc.". To exit scene programming mode and return to Live performance ("Live") mode, press hold the value knob and short-press 15/A7/Live once more.

The number following "Sc." indicates which scene is currently active. You can program or trigger up to 16 scenes. To change the scene you are programming, hold play and press 1-16 to select scene 1-16.

Programming a scene is nearly identical to programming a song fragment in Song mode. Hold Write and press all the 1/Cd through 16/A8 tracks you wish to sound when the scene is active.

Just like editing a note in Track edit mode or editing track parameters when editing a song fragment, you can hold an active (lit up) track's key (1/Cd-16/A8) until it blinks and then cycle through the parameters you can change by short pressing the value knob.

Still holding the track's key (1/Cd-16/A8), you can change the parameter by turning the value knob.

Per track, you can change the following parameters;

  • Playing behavior ("bhev");
  • Pattern number ("Pttn");
  • Chord lock ("Cd.Lk");
  • Re-trigger effect ("retr");

A scene has a length associated with it, over which it plays out and then loops. Just like in other places where you specify a length, you can change the scene length by holding write and turning the value knob. The playing behavior ("bhev") you specified, plays out over the specified length as well. This allows you to program and trigger filter sweeps, fade ins and fade outs of individual tracks.

For more information on automation and re-triggering effects, please see the Song mode documentation.

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